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Hi, my name is Richard Wright.  I am a licensed engineer and owner of Innovative Investment Ideas, LLC based in Mechanicsburg, PA.  My mission is to create successful trading strategies that are easy to implement and follow.  I do this by creating mathematical models that have historically been successful.  I try to keep the models simple with minimal bias and reasonable slippage.  This method does not guarantee future trading results; nothing does.  However, history will tell us what’s failed and I think that means something.  When it comes to trading, I know from experience that I can be my own worst enemy.  I’ve made subjective decisions by listening to the news, economists and my own gut.  In many of these cases I was wrong and my trading results were negatively affected.  The strategies presented are mechanical, objective, evidence-based and quite frankly, enjoyable to follow.


Innovative Investment Ideas, LLC provides an online database information retrieval and processing service.  Data is supplied daily from specialized services.  Through calculational methods the data is pulled from a database, processed algorithmically and results tabulated.  Periodically (monthly) a brief report or newsletter is provided to subscribers of stock, mutual fund and exchanged-traded fund strategies.  A stock strategy subscription from time-to-time will have an intra-month update.  Reporting is communicated via email.  Subscribers can choose what services they wish to see in real-time or simply gain information and knowledge from the many free resources provided.



Office Hours:

Evenings after the U.S. stock markets have closed.